We are living in the Golden Age of Stalking. Ever since "Don't be evil" company created Google Street View and connected it's functionality to user images stalkers everywhere can find out where you live, where you like to hang out, and even a floor plan of your house. There is not much you can do about Google Street View but you can turn off Location Services on your phone to stop recording photo location.


Go to Setting --> Privacy --> Location Services

Apple allows to disable Location Services on per app basis. Turn off Location Services for your apps as you see fit but at least turn them off for Camera and Photos.


Start your camera application and slide open the menu (some Android version allow you to go directly to Settings). Now, select Settings and check to see that the Geo-Tag Photos option is set to OFF. If not, set it to OFF.


Go to Settings --> Applications --> Pictures + camera
Toggle the Include location (GPS) info in pictures you take
Switch to Off
If you would like to have location information removed from the metadata of photos you upload from your phone to Facebook or SkyDrive
Go to Settings --> Applications --> Pictures + camera
Toggle the Keep location info on uploaded pictures
Switch to Off.



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